Palfinger cranes help repair German landmark

Palfinger cranes and access platforms recently helped replace nearly 1,000 pounds of hard-to-reach pane glass on a German skyscraper.

The Main Triangle is a triangular, mixed-use complex in Frankfurt made predominantly from large glass panes laid over a steel frame, including its steeply sloped atrium roof. Because of the scale of the building and its proximity to traffic, previous glass repairs required the surrounding streets be closed for a week while crews made their repairs.

Using a Palfinger PK 200002 L SH crane, Meister was this time able to reach the damaged panel on the atrium roof 124 feet above ground level from inside the building, keeping roads outside open.

“It was crucial in this job to work accurately and carefully," crane operator Horst Gruber said. "Even the smallest wrong movement and the new glass could have fallen. So we were able to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively, and so convince the building facility manager that it was right to work from the inside with top notch Palfinger technology."

After the PK 200002 L SH's vaccum fitting was used to pull the damaged pane out, a second Palfinger crane -- the PK 78002 SH -- lifted the replacement pane and guided it into place.

Palfinger is an Austria-based company that specializes in loading and lifting technology.

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