Double Crown secures funds for first Translock² production run

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Double Crown Resources said on Thursday that it has secured a conditional commitment for a $1 million investment from a heavy equipment fabricator to fund production of the first 50 units of Translock² , the company's advanced intermodal commodity transport system.

This production run will be devoted to industry-specific Translock² models engineered to the specifications of end users once their  purchase orders have been received. Plans are also being laid out at this time for further design, prototyping, testing and fabrication on a range of other industry-specific Translock² variants to serve in alternative roles and with many different functions.

Translock² can dramatically elevate the standards of industrial commodity shipping today in terms of efficiency, cost and time savings, product integrity, safety and environmental protection.

The system has received significant design enhancements over the past year that have resulted in a new technological level of transport and storage capability that is unprecedented.

As the viability and advantages of Translock² are proven in initial commercial applications, Double Crown management intends to market and employ this internationally patent-pending system on a global scale across all major industries relying on containerized commodity transport.