Omnitek renames Turkey distributor Teknosis, now Omnitek Turkiye

Omnitek Engineering Corp. said on Monday that the company's exclusive distributor in Turkey, Teknosis, is now operating under the name Omnitek Turkiye.

The name change comes at a time when it is accelerating sales and marketing of diesel-to-natural-gas engine conversions for heavy-duty trucks and municipal buses throughout the country.

"Our partnership in Turkey is gaining meaningful momentum as public and private customers recognize Omnitek's cost-effective alternative to high-polluting, diesel-powered engines and costly new natural gas vehicle purchases. This is particularly compelling to municipal bus-fleet operators in Turkey, given a payback period as short as four months, due to the high price differential between diesel and natural gas in Turkey," Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

"In addition, the country's expanding infrastructure of compressed natural gas refueling stations complements our strategic growth expectations in Turkey and provides a model for other countries to emulate."

Funk said Omnitek Turkiye's R&D Center is now fully operational and focused on developing conversion kits for an expanding line of specific engine models operating in the Turkish market.