Obama administration's proposed ozone regulations under fire from industry groups

The Obama administration’s proposed EPA regulations to reduce ozone pollution are under attack by numerous industrial-advocacy groups.

The administration’s proposals come on the heels of suggestions by environmental activists and health groups who argue that lower ozone emissions would benefit public health.

Many industry interests, however, contend the ozone rules would be highly damaging for the American economy and people.

A statement released by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity said the regulations translate to higher electric bills for American families. The American Petroleum Institute stated that many areas of the country would basically shut down land development and oil and natural gas drilling, effectively crippling industry.

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) VP of energy and resources policy, Ross Eisenberg, said the regulations amount to unreasonable costs and may not even be technologically feasible.

“City by city and state by state, more and more governors, members of Congress, mayors and local leaders, Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike are voicing opposition to the administration’s proposed ozone regulation and are listening to manufacturers’ concerns,” Eisenberg said.

Eisenberg said manufacturers create jobs, and the ozone regulation threatens that.

“The proposed ozone standard threatens our ability to create jobs, drive our economic growth and continue to innovate, we are going to use all resources to stop it,” Eisenberg said.

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